June 1, 2010

Alert: USCIS Updates

As of June 30, 2010, USCIS Guatemala City had 396 active cases. (Note: This total may include cases in which the petitioner has subsequently decided to abandon the case but did not inform USCIS.) Of these cases:

  • 355 are pre-approved and pending action by the Government of Guatemala
  • 33 are pending U.S. petitioner action
  • 4 cases are pending USCIS or other U.S. Government action
  • 4 cases were transferred to Consular Section to schedule the final appointment

USCIS Field Office Guatemala City reminds prospective adoptive parents of the procedures for the 1st DNA test required in relinquishment cases. All 1st DNA appointments must be scheduled by USCIS. For more information or to schedule an appointment for DNA collection, please contact USCIS at:

In response to frequent questions regarding transition cases in Guatemala, USCIS developed an InfoSheet entitled Keeping Required USCIS Documents Valid for Transition Cases. Please note this InfoSheet is only applicable to intercountry adoption cases in Guatemala as outlined in the document.