September 17, 2010

Alert: Update Concerning 60 Day Extension Requests

We would like to share some information with you regarding the 60-day travel authorization and the extension requests that have been made on behalf of many families.

The Government of Nepal is currently in "caretaker" status, and is working with no constitution and no elected leader. The Prime Minister has resigned and he and all of the ministers that head the various government offices, including the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, remain in office only until a new government can be installed. The Government of Nepal is focused on a host of issues that are critical to maintaining peace and stability; it is difficult for officials to make decisions or new policies concerning intercountry adoptions under these conditions.

Several weeks ago, Government of Nepal officials issued a verbal promise that they would consider all extension requests filed by the U.S. Embassy on behalf of prospective parents. The Government of Nepal has not been willing to commit to these extensions in writing. It is impossible at this point to provide more definitive information on the extension requests. Our hope is that families can use this information to make the choices that work best for each family.

We will continue to provide any and all updates that we have as soon as we learn of them. Please continue to monitor for updated information on adoptions in Nepal.